Other Services

Other Services

Child Support – Child support is paid from one parent to another for the benefit of their child and is often payable by a parent who does not have primary care of the child.  Even where both parties share the care of a child there may be some child support payable by one parent to the other.
Many parents make their payments via the IRD and others enter into a private arrangement. We can advise as to which method will work best for you.
Child support assessments can cause conflict between both liable and receiving parents and between liable parents and with the IRD. If you wish to object to an assessment directly with the IRD we can assist you to make an application for a departure from the formula assessment.
Where all avenues have been exhausted with the IRD we can advise on the merits of an appeal of the IRD’s decision through the Family Court.

Estate Litigation – The death of a family member or close friend is a distressing event. Where there is a perceived injustice in the disposition of an estate this can be even more so whether you are the person who adequate provision has not been made for or the person who wishes to preserve the terms of a Will as they stand. We act for clients on both sides of these disputes.

Family Court – let McCabe Family Law explain how the process works.

Mediation – find out when this is the most appropriate way forward and how it operates.

Paternity – Applications for orders regarding paternity are most often made by either a child’s mother to prove paternity or by a man who wishes to either prove or disprove paternity. Paternity Orders can have far-reaching consequences and require particular sensitivity. We can advise on your options as well as preparing the necessary application to the Family Court.

PPPR Applications – McCabe Family Law can prepare all the necessary applications to obtain either property management orders or welfare guardianship orders, or both where an adult no longer has the mental capacity to make decisions about these issues for themselves.

Spousal Maintenance – A lump sum or regular spousal maintenance payment following separation remains an important resource for spouses, civil union and de facto partners until they are able to start meeting their own reasonable needs. We can advise what type of maintenance payment you may qualify for, including likely quantum and duration of payment, and discuss the options available to you to receive a spousal maintenance payment from your former spouse or partner.

Applications under the Protection of Personal Property Rights Act – Many members of our community lack the capacity to make decisions about their personal welfare or their property, most commonly because of age or disability. If the appropriate Enduring Powers of Attorney are not in place an order under the Protection of Personal Property Rights Act will be necessary to allow others to make these important decisions for them.  Having made many such applications we can advise as to the appropriateness of a potential application, what your ongoing commitments will be and how the process works.  We can also prepare the necessary documents to ensure that the application moves through the Court process as quickly and smoothly as possible.

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